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You all know me by now, but for those that are new to BrainABC's and new neuromat® walkers, welcome! My name is Pam Cavallo. I am a special education teacher with over 35 years of experience. I have worked with a wide range of learners from ages birth to 21. My first teaching position was in a small town in Kentucky. I was the only self-contained special education teacher in the county. I had my own little building on an elementary campus which was actually down a little hill from the main building. On my first day my principal said to me, "Now, your students will eat lunch in the school's cafeteria before the other students come in." Excuse me? I was fresh out of college and I thought to myself, "Well that's not the least restrictive environment for my students, which is P.L. 94-142. We will start the school year eating in the cafeteria at the same time with all the other students". And, we did. It was an amazing year and I learned a lot.

As an educator, I wanted to learn as much as I could and be the best that I could. I never said no to opportunity for me to learn and grow. This mindset took me from the Midwest to California where I was given the opportunity to be a co-lead teacher (the founder was on sabbatical in Australia) of a pilot mobility program called Standing Room Only. Upon her return, I moved to an autism project called The ALPHA Project, A Learning Program with a Holistic Approach for persons with Autism. From there we came back home to the Midwest to raise our family.

For the next thirteen years, I taught for a Special Education Cooperative in Indiana. I did a lot in those thirteen years, so maybe that's my next email. :-) I will say that I am proud my teaching career gave me opportunities to learn from some of the very best in the field. From my teacher colleagues to school therapists, administrators, parents, students, and my own children, I thank you all!

Fast forward and after 17 years working with the birth to three population, it is time for me to spread my wings. I always thought I would change the world, and now I believe I can. At least your world. The neuromat® is such a powerful and life-changing tool. A professor once told the class, "Know your disabilities, but know the brain." Who knew that advice would lead me here.

The neuromat® helps anyone at any age. It knows no boundaries. I want to help you reach your full potential. Let's get started today!!

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