neuromat® therapy!


I am a special education teacher with over 35 years experience. Initially I created the neuromat® to help students with sensory, attention, processing and overall learning skills, but it quickly grew to be much more than that!  Adults as well as children are experiencing success and I want to help you become the best you possible!  With all of us working from home right now it could not be easier for us to connect virtually "face-to-face".

The neuromat® pathway is very powerful! I will help you build your individualized neuromat® program. 

Available to all ages. Birth-Adult 

Schedule one session or multiple sessions. 

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Schedule an appointment with Pam Cavallo, M.S.Ed, Inventor of the neuromat®.

Please note that insurance companies do not cover educational therapy.


30 minute session = $35 

60 minute session = $70

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