What is the Neuromat®?


The neuromat® is a patented educational therapeutic sensory mat for all ages.  Walking the neuromat® path helps to increase attention, balance/vestibular, motor coordination, body in space awareness, midline/bilateral skills, expressive / receptive language, and visual attention. 

The neuromat®  is colorful, fun and easy to use.  It offers parents, teachers, and therapists a multi-sensory approach to teaching "HOW" to walk in a simple figure 8 pattern. For years, we have known that this type of motor movement helps the brain create new neural pathways and in turn make the brain more efficient. As one moves through the figure 8 pattern, the brain has to quickly send and receive sensory data from one hemisphere to the other.

The motor movement of walking in a figure 8 pattern is based on years of research.  This strategic method encourages the brain to integrate many functional skills at the same time, thus increasing its ability to multi-task.  When the brain is able to process sensory information and turn those messages into appropriate motor actions, learning takes place.  There are many different cognitive ability levels, but the ability to use the brain to the best of its’ ability, is a skill that must be developed, practiced and maintained.

Research confirms that the brain is a very powerful and pliable tool.  When a new neuropathway is formed, it must be practiced in order to become a learned skill. This new skill must be practiced again and again and again.  Having said that, it is when this new skill becomes difficult and you work through the difficulty, that real change occurs.  Muscles react much the same way. A muscle gets stronger when fatigue sets in and the muscle is pushed to go further.  Think of your brain as the most important muscle in your body.

The neuromat® helps to develop skills, including but not limited to:

  • The brain’s ability to multi-task
  • Bilateral and mid-line movement
  • Body in space awareness
  • Motor planning
  • Sensory awareness and integration
  • Balance
  • Motor Coordination
  • Visual attention 
  • Pre-readiness learning skills (color identification, counting, one-to-one correspondence )
  • Receptive and expressive language
  • Attention

Product Specs:

  • Mobile
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • 36" x 84"
  • 4mm PVC mat + 100% polyester top layer (brushed suede texture)
  • Reinforced sewn sides
  • Non-toxic, non-skid
  • Suitable to all ages
  • Great for homes, schools, daycares, hospitals, therapeutic clinics, and rehabilitation centers