Success Stories

Amy Brandwein reviewed Brainabc's — 5 star

This mat is an amazing tool! As a family, we practice the mat every day. This has improved my oldest son’s speech and language deficiencies and most importantly changed the world for my youngest son who suffers from one-sided weakness. My youngest son’s gross and fine motor skill development improved quickly after starting on the mat. This is a tremendous tool to have and we highly recommend!

Penny Anderson 

Working with the Neuromat and Pam, the therapist who created it, have done amazing things for my son's development! In just a few short months he has literally made leaps and bounds in his physical, mental, emotional, and social skills! I can not recommend it enough! What an amazing tool from an amazing therapist!

Barbara Haran reviewed Brainabc's — 5 star

The mat has helped my son SO much! We have been consistent using it almost every day for an entire year beginning at age 2. He initially showed a lot of markers of being on the spectrum and was very one sided with use of his limbs and now he crosses brain activity so smoothly. He has little to no spectrum signs and is functioning super well! It’s been a wonderful tool for our family and we enjoy using it together 

Maria Quintana  recommends Brainabc's.

The Neuromat has helped my Daughter SO much! We have been consistent using it almost every day. Now she's able to talk more. That was my main concern at first She would cry for her needs And now she could speak And asked for help and let us know what she needs. It has helped her a lot I will highly recommend the Neuromat. Thank you Pam for all your help and Introduced us to the Neuromat.


 Pictured from left to right: Lee Ann Reed, OTR/L, Julie Wakeman, M.S., OT, and Maggie Simmons, PTA

The Neuromat® has been described by Occupational and Physical Therapists at a local hospital as a versatile intervention tool that can be easily transported and used in a variety of locations. Mrs. Julie Wakeman, M.S., OT, states, “I’ve seen amazing and immediate results since I started using the Neuromat® with patients who have balance, coordination and sensory processing impairments after a stroke that impact their ability to perform daily activities. I observe better balance during self-care performance, upper body coordination and the improved ability to perform multiple step cognitive tasks. As a therapist of 24 years, I’ve always understood the value of activities that promote the use of both sides of the brain. The great thing about the Neuromat® is that it gives you the ability to work on gross motor and cognitive tasks at the same time. Neuromat® activities can be gradually layered to promote re-education of damaged areas of the brain or encourage new motor pathways for task performance. Physical Therapists also use the Neuromat® to promote arm swing and head turning during ambulation which are important components of dynamic balance. We’re excited with the progress we have seen with patients in the short time we have been using the Neuromat® and look forward to discovering new ways to apply its benefits”.

Here are a few of my own personal success stories….

*I personally have always suffered from motion sickness. However, after a few short months of walking on the neuromat®, I no longer feel any flight or fight response to movement.  This means no more motion sickness while in riding in a car or an airplane!

* This story is about a little girl who was born at 25 weeks gestation.  At 30 months of age, I evaluated her for Early Intervention Services. She demonstrated little to no midline or bilateral play skills. She had 10-15 words in her vocabulary and did not form words into sentences. She was highly distractible and as a result, had a reduced attention span with limited problem-solving skills.  She demonstrated difficulty layering developmental domains and multitasking any two areas at the same time. Processing incoming sensory information was a struggle.  I had six months to make a difference.  After one week of the family using the neuromat® 2x/day in the home, once before daycare and once again after dinner, I saw this little girl at her daycare. She was sitting at a table with a teacher and 3 other children. As I walked in the door this little girl turned around, look at me with direct eye contact and said, “Hi Pam!”.  Whoa…what just happened? I looked at the teacher and she said, “We don’t know what happened. All of a sudden, she started talking. We think it’s a miracle”.  I had tears of joy! This little girl was well on her way of repairing/redirecting brain patterns.  Fast forward to 36 months and this little girl entered a typical preschool class with no additional support.  Yes, to this day it brings me to tears.

**I always encourage siblings to participate and join in the fun. Two stories that prove that everyone can benefit from walking on the neuromat®:

*This is a family I have been working with for a while. Every week I always asked the same question, “What's new this week. What changes are you seeing?" Mom's first words were, "Johnny (named changed to protect the innocent) is much calmer. He's not so hyper and his speech is much clearer. He is now able to follow the figure 8 pattern all by himself 10x each way". Hooray!! Just in time for the new school year. (You’re welcome teachers! 😊)

*Another family, the older sibling is going into 7th grade.  He likes to help his sister walk on the mat and now he’s reaping the rewards.  He is able to keep a steady gait, do a 360 turn without missing a beat and completes two 360 turns per rotation. And, he is able to do this both ways! My observation includes better posture, increased coordination, better attention as well as an increase in his body in space awareness.  He appears to be more confident and overall happier. He told me he feels better and this year he is trying out for the basketball team.  How exciting is that?!