Neuromat/Yoga Class

"Most neuroscientists agree that movement and cognition are powerfully connected".     Eric Jensen 

Let's kick off this summer by exercising your most important muscle-your brain!

Join us for our first NEUROMAT®/YOGA class. 

Mondays 10:30am-11:30am
June 10th - July 1st, 2019
Ages 3-7

$179.99 includes neuromat®

Space is limited 
Adult participation required which means you will reap the benefits as well.
  • Body in Space Awareness/Spatial Awareness 
  • Motor Coordination 
  • Midline / Bilateral Integration
  • Balance 
  • Agility 
  • Sensory Awareness 
  • Visual Attention
  • Receptive / Expressive Language
  • Yoga poses/breathing techniques 

Class taught by

Pam Cavallo, M.S.Ed, D.T. /creator of the neuromat®
    Patricia Coleman, Yoga Teacher/Lightbody Facilitator